Koya Webb

International Certified Holistic Health Coach
 and Speaker


I am so grateful that I came across the video of you inviting people to join the detox lifestyle in June. It is one of the greatest health decisions that I have made for my over all health in a very long time. This is my third time completing the detox and each month it gets easier and easier.This system has helped me to become more spiritually, physically and mentally aligned and I have not felt or look this great in years. I decided to follow the plan this month exactly how it is designed. I am pleased to say the results that I received in 10 days not only amazed me it also amazed my family and friends. I am hear to say if you follow the system exactly how it is setup and do the work you will get the results you are looking for. I did not do anything extra outside of the downloads and tools that come with the system and in 10 days I achieved these results in the pictures. I am committed to The Detox Lifestyle for the rest of my life and I also have made a commitment to spread the word about how great is to all my family and friends. If you are looking for a system that works this one does and I am telling anyone that will listen this is a small investment into your future health but the rewards are worth way more. My two favorite parts of the downloads are The Detox Workbook and The Koya's Kuisine they both are life savers. One helps you with recipes and the other gives you the tools needed to do the internal work so that you shine from the inside out. Thank you Koya for creating this detox system, being an inspiration to me and motivating me to take control of my health through my foods.

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Koya has profoundly changed my life…forever.  I began working with Koya to help heal my body of diabetes.  While working with Koya I immediately saw incredible results.  Within the first two weeks, I was off all oral medication and within the first six weeks I had a 70% reduction in my insulin usage.  AMAZING!  She is wonderful at creating meal plans and finding new alternatives to eat.  She even created meals designed specifically for me.  She is fun and passionate.  And she is not afraid to take the heat from the emotional release and mood swings that come as we break our addictions to unhealthy food.  I tested her plenty and she would listen, empathize and then help.  I felt extremely inspired, uplifted and joy-filled  after every session I had with her.  This is all part of the Mind, Body and Spirit work that she does.  You set the goal…and I have no doubt she can help you get there.  With the tools, support and education Koya provided, I continue to eat 100% raw to this day.  I feel great and I would never want to go back to how I used to eat.  I am deeply grateful for her.
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Jinjee's Testimonial

I have been having fabulous results with my personal trainer Koya Webb, a raw vegan woman who is also an International Fitness Model. She has a brand new workout that you can download online instantly! If you are eating more during the holiday season, don't fret! Just step up your workout!

I have done many workout videos over the years, but my absolute favorite is Koya's: "20 minute Cardio, Cuts, and Core"! It helped build my lower body and flattened my tummy again! :) Yay! It's only 20 minutes but you feel like you've been working out for 40 minutes, you get such a great workout!


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