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"The Life you Were Born to Live"

By: Dan Millman

Go to the  Get Loved Up Amazon store and get "The Life you Were Born to Live" book by Dan Millman and join our virtual book club. We will start reviewing the book on the newsletter staring in May. 

  • People from all walks of life share an innate drive for meaning, direction, and purpose. 
  • Although many of us don't consciously recognize or acknowledge that we even have a specific life purpose, our subconscious knows what we are here to do; it reaches out to us, sending messages through dreams, intuitions, and innermost longings. 
  • An infinite number of spiritual laws exist. 
  • Some of these laws are: choices, balance, discipline, no judgments, faith, honesty, intuition. 
  • This book will give each of you a life path number that will give insight into your unique life purpose. 
Part One: The Life-Purpose System
    Introduction to Part One The Pythorgean Heritage
  • For centuries, observers of human nature have sought common denominators to better understand the forces that shape human personality. Numerous tools of insight from both psychological and mystical traditions have emerged at different times and in different cultures. 
  • These can be considered, "maps of consciousness."
  • This book reveals the Life-Purpose system, a clear, objective method for clarifying life purpose. 
  • It goes back to time of pythagoras. 
  • Validity of the Life-Purpose System stems from holographic nature and vibrational nature of the universe. 
Mountains to Climb:The Paths of Destiny 
  • The entire birth number indicates, in pure mathematical form, the particular blend of energies comprising each individual's life path. 
  • This path does not just lead us forward; it leads us upward and represents the mountain we are here to climb.
  • This number can show us our primary life purpose.
  • Viewing our life's journey as a mountain path shows us that what we are here to do is not always what comes easiest. 
  • We begin climbing a mountain at the base. 
  • We are not here to achieve our life purpose; we are here to transcend it. In other words, when we reach the top of our mountain, we keep on rising. 
  • Our number also shows us our obstacles.  
Essential Points of Understanding 
  • Now that basic energy and qualities of the primary numbers 1 through 9 have been introduced the essential point of understanding. The energy and issues represented by each primary number can manifest in positive or negative forms. 
  • This means two people with the same number can be radically different. 
  • No birth number or life purpose is inherently superior or inferior to any other. 
  • There is a chart of the positives and negatives. 
  • Each of the primary numbers reveals inherent qualities that color our life. But the masks we wear often appear very different from our internal reality. 
Inside Out: Fulfilling Our Purpose
  • In order to manifest our destiny in the world, we first have to create it within. 
  • Life always gives us what we need to fulfill our life purpose. 
  • We all have innate abilities, some of which have not yet manifested; inside a bricklayer may lie a brilliant pianist; within the heart of a homemaker, a therapist may be waiting to emerge. 
  • The information presented in the Life-Purpose System can save us some time and some difficult lessons; it also reminds us that we have company on our journey- that we are not lone travelers. 
Part Two: The Issues and Energies of Life
    Introduction to part Two A Bridge of Understanding
  • This section of the book is composed of ten chapters, the first nine are devoted to the primary numbers 1-9, with their related issues and energies, and a final section covering 0: Inner Gifts, for those with a  zero in their birth number. '
  • 1- Creativity and Confidence
  • 2- Cooperation and Balance
  • 3- Expression and Sensitivity 
  • 4- Stability and Process
  • 5- Freedom and Discipline
  • 6- Vision and Acceptance
  • 7- Trust and Openness
  • 8- Abundance and Power
  • 9- Integrity and Wisdom 
  • 0- Inner Gifts 
Inside Out: Fulfilling Our Life Purpose
  • In order to manifest our destiny in the world, we first create it within.
  • Life always give us what we need. 
  • Birth numbers can be career guides. 
Part Three The Paths of Destiny:
    Introduction to Part Three The Life-Path Material
  • Part Three, designed as a reference section for the Life-Purpose System, is organized so that readers can easily refer to any birth number and related material without having to read through the entire section. 
  • The information related to one's own life or an others may change over time. 
Part Four: The Laws of Spirit
  • Human Laws form a basis of social agreement and social order, but human laws are only pale reflection of a higher order o flaws sewn into the fabric of existence. 
  • These laws existed before humanity and before nature.
  • Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha, Lao-tzu, and other illumined teachers have taught spiritual laws and principles through the use of parables and metaphors about the natural world that also apply to human social world. 
  • The number of laws that govern the universe  may  approach infinity; the number of laws human have already discovered and formulated are legion. 
  • The book outlines key rules and energies of each birth number. 
  • How to Apply the Laws in Daily Life: 
  • Even the highest laws, principles, and wisdom can help us only if we remember to apply them. 
The Law of Flexibility:
  • Flexibility involves a pragmatic acceptance of, rather than rigid resistance toward, the present   moment- acceptance of ourselves, others, and current circumstances. 
  • Flexibility takes into consideration what do we do when something unexpected happens. 
  • Without mental rigidity or resistance, they can respond in the most effective, creative way. 
  • Flexibility enables us to enjoy situations that might once have troubled us, such as changes in fortunes or the ending of relationships. 
  • Flexibility is acceptance of all that is. 
Law of Choice:
  • The most basic choice we have in life is whether to expand or contract, whether to bring our creative and expressive energies out into the world in positive or negative ways. No matter what our circumstances, we have the power to choose our directions. 
  • In each of us are heroes!
  • Humans have a far ranging powers of choice.
  • Te power of choice addresses our power and responsibility to choose how we respond to our circumstances- a power we never lose as long as we live. 
  • Every choice will bring us pleasure in the long run or get us to our goals more quickly. 
  • The fewer distorted or limiting beliefs we have, the greater our power of choice. 
  • Blocked creative energy either manifests as physical maladies and symptoms or gets discharged through abuse of tobacco, alcohol, other drugs, food, or sex. 
The Law Of Responsibility:
  • Once we establish the limits and boundaries of our responsibility, we can take full charge of that which is our duty and let go of that which is not. In every endeavor in which people work together at different levels o responsibility, some people may have more visibility.
  • Before we can help others we have to help ourselves. 
  • Codependents assume responsibility or other people's lives far beyond the normal duties of parents or friends or employees. 
  • If we overcooperate with other people, they will rarely complain about it. 
  • In the case of undercoopeartaion we either go into complete resistance and resentment or we continue doing things for other people while with drawing emotionally. 
The Law of Balance:
  • The earth itself is a living organism on whose surface we humans are but cells and the ocean and wind the circulatory system. 
  • Sages from every culture, have advocated the middle path. 
The Law of Process:
  • Our daily lives are filled with goals and accomplishments. 
  • Some of us are so occupied with our goals that we ignore the path and the process in-between.
  • On the other hand, some of us get so disoriented or doubtful about how to get from here to there that we have trouble even setting our goals, or we get stuck on one step, suffering from tunnel vision.